Open Source


We specialize in the installation and adjustment of open source projects tailored for your organization. Including the integration of different projects into corporate solutions: customizing permissions, users and styles or themes, installation of modules and plugins that benefit the client and various over time platform updates.

The advantage to solutions based on open source go from its free purchasing cost, to its wide support and evolution, result of the huge community of users collaborating with these projects.


Open Source

As examples to this sort of solutions we could mention:


  • Corporative sites and content management systems (CMS): Drupal and Joomla!
  • Platforms for teaching and learning management systems (LMS): Moodle and Dokeos.
  • Task administrators for colaborative work: Redmine, Flyspray and Mantis.
  • Blogs: Wordpress.
  • Social networks: Elgg.
  • e-Portafolios: Mahara.
  • Wikis: Mediawiki y Dokuwiki
  • Videoconference: OpenMeeting.
  • Forums: phpBB
  • Document management system: Alfresco
  • e-Commerce: sugarCRM and lifeRay
  • Resports servers: Jasper
  • Database systems: MariaDB, Mysql and Postgre.
  • Web servers: Apache
  • Office IT Tools: libreOffice
  • Server-oriented operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse or Linux Mint.
  • and an everlasting list of other tools.




Design and web development


The need to get noticed on the web often arises, but an application or website also has a large number of possibilities. Gabit will analyze your needs and provide the product or solution that suits you best, proposing new business opportunities, improvements or innovative solutions.


Customized web design

There is a long distance from a simple website to a complex e-commerce site that may involve custom development or, to reuse existing solutions, including:

  • Compatibility with all major browsers.
  • HTML and CSS validated Code.
  • Marked semantic aimed to improve your webs promotion and position within search engines.
  • Evolution and technical support.
  • Layout and web design with open source solutions: Drupal, Wordpress, etc.




Drupal and Joomla! web portals

Drupal and Joomla! web portals

Site developments through content management systems, eases the publication and management of the websites contents by any user with basic computer skills and knowledge. The content management system, or CMS, is ideal such as for: Corporate website, intranet, social networks, websites in several languages, ​​and stores or sales through e-commerce.

Customizing managers allows the possibility to incorporate countless plug-ins or modules with specific solutions to certain problems: forms, contents types defined by the user, multimedia views, e- mail and e-commerce, blogs, social networking options, etc ... furthermore, the possibilities for changing the theme and page structure helps to meet the customer’s needs or preferences.

In addition to the assessment needs and personalization, Gabit provides support in two ways: troubleshooting and product evolution. Allowing you to upgrade your website and make it grow with new modules and functionalities. We also provide specific training for different user roles: administrator and coordinator based user, aimed to discover the functions, learning to manage and publish content, construction of the site, apply translations and learn to work with specific modules.


 Personalized solutions, support and training

Moodle e-Learning platforms

Moodle allows the implementation of educational solutions in an easy way, modular and educational, with a multipurpose function both as a communication tool and as a repository of resource and contents or activities. Customization of this platform enables the development of environments for solutions of type:

  • Distance learning.

  • Support for clasroom sessions.

  • Repositories of contents.

  • Information sharing sites.

Moodle (Personal Learning Enviroment)


Always with an important educational guidance, Gabit possess extensive experience in the implementation of such solutions, allowing the adaptation and customization of Moodle software to suit your needs in areas such as:

  • Customizing styles and themes.
  • Installation and adaptation of modules to solve specific functionalities.
  • Integration with other external tools such as user management, e-portfolios, wikis, and video conferencing solutions.
  • Preparation of support documentation, manuals, guides, FAQs, etc.
  • Translation of modules and localization / internationalization.
  • Support and troubleshooting.


As always customization alternatives and installation are many and from Gabit we help you evaluate the possibilities to choose the solution that best suits your needs.


 Educational products and solutions tailored to your needs




Publication of Moodle Courses


Going a step beyond the previous point, Gabit offers a solution to publish moodle courses in pen drive / CD / DVD. The tool Artabria Publikator Offers the possibility to pack the course into a single file with static content aimed to distribute the course in download mode or through any other media. This way the students can download or obtain course content and make them available on their computer without needing to be connected at all times or without bandwidth requirements. The publication and distribution of courses in this format facilitates bringing content to students and solves most of the day to day problems that can take place during the development of a course. Besides the ongoing transformation of the course, also performs a number of improvements over the accessibility and usability, making it easier to access the contents for all publics regardless of their disabilities or difficulties in accessing information.


For more information you can access the official Artabria Publikator tool website.



Artabria Publikator


 Publication and distribution of Moodle courses pen drive / CD / DVD




Creating Quality Teaching Resources and Publications


We also work on publication development, resources, content and educational activities designed for distance training or a support classroom teaching. We have experience in conducting content with Flash technology and SCORM formats with tools like Adobe Captivate, eXe-Learning or Reload Editor. These contents present the structure of a completed subject with different activities and exercises, and optional integration in moodle, to facilitate user management, communication and Evaluation.

Web contents

Gabit can offer you a design and style of content, activities adapted to your needs and, from a pedagogical perspective, thanks to our deep teaching experience. Also you can aim for a complete solution that integrates these same publications or content in a Moodle course. You can see an example of publication in the course contents in PowerPoint 2010 Course.


Content development and educational activities Flash/HTML5 web technologies or formats scorm




E-learning customized training courses


Customized e-Learning

The extensive teaching experience Gabit has, allow us to offer complete e-learning service training, including all matters related to the delivery of courses via Internet:


  • Material for courses, with content development and activities.
  • Tutoring and courses imparted by a large team of professional and experienced teachers.
  • Personalization and adaptation of the platform.
  • Platform accommodation on our servers.
  • Support and troubleshooting.
  • Training tutors to teach distance courses, we teach the teacher through Moodle.


If you want to take an online course regarding the world of ICT but you do not have access to a server, platform, contents and tutorials, from Gabit we offer the complete package. Contact us without hesitation and we will offer a custom solution tailored and adapted to your needs.


Full service training, hire us and forget about it!




Accessibility and Usability


Web accessibility and usability guarantee that anyone regardless of their physical and technical characteristics can access the information. Given that today is a legal obligation to prevent discrimination against people’s access services and Web sites, adapting the services and websites of companies and institutions is a must and urgent task. From Gabit we offer the following:


  • Audit accessibility of the web through the analysis of their web site or service, and preparation of a full report to the needs and changes to be made.
  • Adaptation of the site for compliance with accessibility guidelines to the desired customer A, AA, AAA level according to WCAG 2.0 or WCAG promoted by the W3C.
  • Adaptation of HTML and CSS to meet validation requirement standards.
  • Adaptation of web contents will be accessible from mobile devices.
  • Adjustment of special content as a PDF documents, presentations or multimedia elements to make them accessible.
  • Adapt your site to have a place where they provide based on RIA / AJAX technologies accessible according to W3C WAI-ARIA solutions.


The end-product will be a 100% accessible website!



Social networks




The solution we offer from Gabit for social networks, will allow you to have your own enterprise social network, tailored to the needs of your organization. You can have all the features of social networks and limit access to your organization, with integration into their databases based on LDAP users or systems. The standard solution based on Elgg can be extended with new functionality for blogs, wikis and e-portfolios.


As always Gabit offers full service, including accommodation on their servers of the whole platform, using documentation, training, support and troubleshooting.


Made to measure private social networks!!








From Gabit we offer a complete online store by integrating different e-Commerce solutions. The base solution allows you to:

  • Manage customers by sending newsletters, groups and social networks.
  • Order Management with status, payments, and invoicing.
  • Safe online payment.
  • Multiple languages ​​with a search engine in different languages.


As always Gabit’s extended service provides accommodation on our servers, documentation and training in the use of the tool as well as support and troubleshooting.




e-Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)

Marketing web (SEO)


Positioning your website on the first page of search engines is a direct benefit to your business and an advantage over your competitors. From Gabit we offer an optimum promotion of your website, get better search engine rankings by:


  • Analysis of your web site and presence on major search engines with the development of a full report for technical improvements to strengthen its position.
  • Technical and semantical adaptation of your website to improve your presence on the Internet.
  • Social audit and promotion of your website through blogs and social networks using Community Manager strategies.
  • Suggestions for online marketing with strategies of viral marketing, online reputation or of opinion.





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