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Gabit was founded in 2010, specializing in providing customized IT solutions to companies, public administrations, and institutions in any sector. We offer agile and innovative solutions and services based on our experience, always striving to achieve the highest quality and professionalism for each situation.

  • Work Approach

    Our working methodology always involves close proximity and adaptation to the client, prioritizing innovation and continuous evolution. We develop our products using open-source software, minimizing costs while offering the possibility to integrate new needs that arise over time. Additionally, we aim to provide the fastest possible response time by applying agile methodologies, demonstrating our commitment to the client.

  • Clients

    Currently, our main clients are educational centers (Primary, Secondary, and CIFP - Integrated Vocational Training Centers), universities, public administration institutions, and SMEs from any sector.

  • Area of Influence

    Our main area of influence includes Ferrol, Narón, A Coruña, Santiago, Lugo, and Pontevedra, but thanks to remote work, we can offer our services anywhere in the world. Contact us.

FP - Centros Integrados de formación profesional
UDC - Universidade de A Coruña
EGAP - Escola Galega de Administración Pública
USC - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Centros educativos de primaria y secundaria
Centro Autonómico de Formación e Innovación (CAFI)


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Custom Applications and Websites

We develop custom applications and websites tailored to your needs, ranging from internal management tools to user platforms. Our solutions are designed to be intuitive and functional, enhancing the user experience and optimizing your organization’s processes.

CMS Administration: Drupal and Wordpress

Professional administration of CMS platforms such as Drupal, Wordpress, or Prestashop, maximizing the benefits of open-source software in terms of costs, adaptation, and scalability. We specialize in customized implementations of websites that ensure complete flexibility and control over your digital environment.

E-Learning Platforms (Moodle) and Educational Content Creation

Advanced administration of e-Learning platforms like Moodle and production of educational materials or resources using the latest technologies (H5P, Canva, Scorm, etc.). Focused on innovation, we create online learning experiences that promote engagement and deep knowledge.

Cybersecurity: Audits and Ethical Hacking

We perform security audits on your organization’s web applications or systems. Our approach focuses on detecting and resolving vulnerabilities before they become significant risks. We provide customized solutions that ensure the robustness and reliability of your IT systems.

Web Positioning (SEO)

Our SEO service is designed to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results, increasing visibility and attracting more quality traffic and therefore new clients or users. By optimizing your online presence, you will gain a significant competitive advantage that will propel your business to new levels of success.

Mobile Device Compatibility and Accessibility

We ensure your website is compatible with mobile devices, offering a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we implement accessibility practices so that all users, regardless of their abilities, can navigate and use your site easily, improving your reach and customer satisfaction while strengthening your reputation as an inclusive organization.


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