E-Learning Platforms (Moodle) and Educational Content Creation

What do we do?

We install and configure a Moodle solution, adapting it to your corporate image, so you have your own virtual teaching environment. If you need modern educational content and activities designed with the latest technologies, we can design them for you.

Advanced management of teaching-learning platforms with Moodle

Personalized educational solutions tailored to your needs.


Moodle is a robust and versatile platform designed for the administration of online courses and virtual learning environments. Among its benefits are the flexibility and adaptability that allows educators to create personalized learning environments. Moodle enables the easy, modular, and pedagogical implementation of educational solutions, serving multiple purposes such as a communication tool, a repository for resources and content, or activities. The customization of this platform allows the development of environments for solutions such as: Distance learning, support for face-to-face sessions, content repositories, and information exchange spaces. Its modular architecture facilitates the integration of additional tools according to the specific needs of each course or educational program. Moodle promotes interaction between students and teachers through various communication and collaboration tools, such as forums, chats, and wikis, thus fostering collaborative and participatory learning. Additionally, its open-source code and active developer community ensure frequent updates, security improvements, and the availability of numerous plugins that enhance the platform’s basic functionalities.

What we offer?

At Gabit, we offer advanced installation and configuration of the Moodle LMS, including user loading and authentication, and the appropriate plugins or extensions. With a strong educational focus, Gabit has extensive experience in implementing this type of solution, allowing complete adaptation and customization of any Moodle to meet your needs, in aspects such as:

  • Customization of styles and themes.
  • Installation and adaptation of modules to solve specific functionalities.
  • Integration with other external tools such as user management, e-portfolios, wikis, or videoconferencing solutions.
  • Creation of help documentation, manuals, guides, FAQs, etc.
  • Translation of modules and localization/internationalization.
  • Support and issue resolution.

As always, there are many customization and installation alternatives, and at Gabit, we help you evaluate the possibilities to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Development of educational resources

Another of our fields of action is the development of publications, resources, content, and educational activities aimed at distance learning or supporting face-to-face teaching. We have experience in creating content with H5P technology and formats like SCORM developed with tools such as Adobe Captivate, eXe-Learning, or Reload Editor. This content presents the structure of a topic completed with different activities and exercises, and optionally its integration into Moodle, to facilitate user management, communication, and evaluation. At Gabit, we can offer you content and activity design and style tailored to your needs from a pedagogical perspective thanks to the advice of expert educators. You can also opt for a complete solution that integrates these same publications or content into a Moodle course.

In summary, we can carry out the installation and configuration of your Moodle LMS. Customize and adapt it, both in terms of graphics and with modules and extensions, as well as perform user loading and management. Additionally, if you need quality educational resources and activities, we can provide them for you.